Announcing HyperGAI: a New Chapter in Multimodal Generative Artificial Intelligence
March 19th, 2024 - HyperGAI Team

HyperGAI emerges from stealth mode, excited to announce its multimodal foundation models and share its vision for a future of hyper general artificial intelligence.

HyperGAI is an applied AI research company, innovating in Multimodal Generative AI technology and solutions. Our vision is to be the leading AI provider of Multimodal Generative AI (GenAI) solutions that make a better world for humanity.

We believe the multimodal foundation models are the cornerstone of multimodal generative AI technologies towards building hyper general intelligent systems. We are excited by the advancements in our research and development of the innovative next-generation multimodal foundation models.

Our aim is to build two types of multimodal foundation models to address two fundamental problems of multimodal artificial intelligence:

  1. Multimodal Understanding: Aim to train multimodal large language models (LLM) that can understand multimodal input, including text, images, videos, and more; and,
  2. Multimodal Generation: Aim to train multimodal diffusion models for achieving personalized content generation including photo generation, video generation, and more.

Our long-term goal is to train a holistic multimodal foundation model which can understand the input of any type of content and generate any intended output. The multimodal foundation model will be the digital brain to build the hyper general intelligent systems to empower everyone in both digital and physical worlds.

We are an early stage startup and proud to be an incredibly ambitious team with big hairy goals.

We are already emerging with our progress on training best-in-class Multimodal foundation models, and are positively impacting our upcoming generation of technologies promising to be among the most leading multimodal generative AI solutions.

This is all made possible by our close-knit team of skilled scientists, with deep domain experience and proven expertise in Multimodal AI, Computer Vision, NLP, Deep Learning and more, quietly led by excellence and ethics, by our Founder and CEO Dr. Steven Hoi.

Dr. Steven has been a pioneer and thought leader in the field of Multimodal Artificial Intelligence for decades across academia and industry. With a great team and sound leadership, we know we will achieve our vision and go further to make the next big leaps in Multimodal AI technology.

Today, as we announce our arrival, we're excited to collaborate with peers and researchers and elevate our technology further.

Come, revolutionize the future of AI, with HyperGAI.

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