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General Intelligence

Empowering everyone with hyper intelligence.
About HyperGAI
HyperGAI is an applied AI research company, innovating in Multimodal Generative AI technology and multimodal foundation models.

Constantly evolving, we are advancing a future of creative, ethical and socially beneficial AI solutions, for the benefit of humanity.

We aim to create multimodal foundation models as the foundation of building hyper general intelligent systems, which emulate a digital brain that can both understand and create, and empower everyone to be more creative and productive in both the digital and physical world.

We are an early stage startup with ambitious goals, and our close-knit team of dedicated and experienced AI experts are constantly striving to improve our multimodal foundation models. We are excited about our upcoming technologies, promising to be the best-in-class multimodal generative AI solutions that the world has seen.
We are a strong team committed to advancing multimodal generative AI

At HyperGAI, we have a world-class team comprising renowned AI thought leaders and experts, talented AI researchers and engineers, with deep expertise in Multimodal AI, Computer Vision, NLP, Deep Learning and more.

Dr. Steven Hoi
Founder & CEO
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After many years as a pioneer in the field of multimodal generative AI, Dr. Steven Hoi founded HyperGAI together with a world-class founding team.

Previously, the founding Managing Director of Salesforce Research Asia and VP of AI Research, Steven led AI research & innovation in APAC for a wide range of applied AI projects and product collaborations globally.

Always looking to share his knowledge, Steven has been a tenured professor over the past fifteen years at top Singapore universities including the School of Computing and Information Systems at Singapore Management University (SMU) and the School of Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Steven has published over 300 research papers with over 35,000 citations, contributed open-source projects with over 20,000 stars, and filed more than 50 AI patent applications.
He served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Neurocomputing journal, Associate Editor for a number of top AI journals such as IEEE Transactions on PAMI, and Area Chair/Senior PC for many top AI conferences such as NeurIPS/ICML/ICLR, etc.
He was elevated to IEEE Fellow (2019) and named ACM Distinguished Member (2019) for his significant contributions to the AI and computing fields.
Our Research Principles
Dedication to Responsible AI
Our collective vision is rooted in the pursuit of multimodal generative AI that not only demonstrates cutting-edge capabilities, but also adheres to ethical and responsible development. We aim to pioneer AI advancements that are shaping a hyper general intelligent future to benefit humanity.
Empowering everyone with best-in-class generative AI
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